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Teak Protector Blonde Teak 1l

Golden Care
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Brand  Golden Care
Packaging  Bottle
Material  Liquid


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Teak Protector Blonde Teak 1l from Golden Care

Teak Blonde Protector 60041 from Golden Care is an environmentally friendly treatment for teak furniture, the product is easy to apply and has a long-lasting effect. The treatment ensures that the teak wood acquires a lighter color and that the light brown color of teak is retained longer. Teak blonde Protector does not let your teak turn black or gray during the entire season. In addition, it protects your teak from the sun.

Teak Blonde Protector seals the wood and provides some protection, but not such protection that food or oil cannot penetrate the wood in the long term. This type of protection requires the use of Teak Shield. Teak blonde Protector is water-based and dries very quickly.