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Suns Shine Wood Cleaner 1L

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Brand  Suns
Packaging  Bottle
Material  Liquid
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Suns Shine Wood Cleaner 1L

The SUNS Shine Wood Cleaner with nanotechnology is a colorless, environmentally friendly cleaner that has been specially developed for renovating all unvarnished and unoiled soft and hard wood types. The cleaner cleans deeply, cleans quickly and easily and gives the wood back its natural appearance. The SUNS Shine Wood Cleaner is a colorless water-based liquid, contains no solvents and removes the silver-gray color, fungi and algae that attack the wood.


Shake well before use! Rinse off the worst dirt residues from the surface by brushing. Also thoroughly wet the area around the surface to be treated. To protect the wood fibers, do not use a high-pressure sprayer! Apply cleaner in limited doses. Treat the treated surface with a firm brush, in small sections at a time. The product may foam. Allow to work for 2 to 5 minutes. Do not allow to dry, otherwise re-moisten and apply.Remove the dissolved dirt by brushing the surface and rinsing with clean water at the same time. In case of persistent contamination, repeat the treatment.Let the wood dry completely. We then recommend applying the SUNS Shine Wood Protector for long-term protection.


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