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Floating parasol Challenger T1 Premium 400 x 300cm Mast Anthracite - Cloth Faded Black

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Width  400
Depth  300 cm
Height  269
Brand  Platinum
Packaging  Box
Material  Aluminium


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This Challenger T1 Premium floating parasol from Platinum is popular in gardens, patios and other outdoor areas because of its flexibility and space-saving design. It offers a stylish and functional solution for creating shade on sunny days.

The main features of this floating parasol are:

Lateral arm:

The most striking feature of our floating parasol is the sideways arm. This arm extends horizontally from the pole and supports the parasol canopy. The size of the parasol cloth is 300cm x 400cm. This creates a spacious shade area without having a pole in the center of the shade area, which is useful for maximizing the space under the parasol.


All our floating parasols have a tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of the awning. This is useful for adjusting the direction of the shadow based on the position of the sun during the day.

360 degree rotation:

These floating parasols can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This means you can rotate the parasol to adjust the shade to suit changing lighting conditions or the need for shade of different parts of your outdoor space.

Solid base:

Combine this floating parasol with a sturdy parasol base, with or without 120kg wheels. A buried base is also possible.

Available in different finishes.

Please note: parasol base not included in the price, it must be purchased separately via the link below: