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Protexx Protector 3 Jaar 1 Zits Leatherlook

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Brand  Protexx
Packaging  Box
Material  Liquid


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Protexx Protector 3 Year Armchair Leatherlook from Royal Furniture Care is guaranteed to provide the best protection against stains for years to come!

How does it work?

Very easy! You are purchasing a new seating furniture in combination with the Protexx Protector 3 Year Armchair Leatherlook. Upon delivery, your new seating furniture will be provided with a high-quality protection product. If a stain does occur during use, the professionals from the Customer Care team are fully at your disposal! This applies not only to stains, but also to other usage problems. The solution is just one phone call away.

Service guarantees:

Whether you are playing with your children or your pet, organizing a pizza party or watching Netflix with a glass of wine, we understand that you want to enjoy your new furniture at home without any worries. This is no problem with the Protexx Protector 3 Year 1-seater Leather Look service! Our service covers the most common stains and problems that can arise when using your new furniture. Stains from drinks and food, such as cola, wine, spaghetti and soup, are all covered by the Protexx Protector 3 Year Armchair Leatherlook service.