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Parasol base Milano on wheels 90KG Granite Black Polished

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Width  80
Depth  80 cm
Height  14
Brand  Platinum
Packaging  Box
Material  Natural Stone


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Parasol base Milano on wheels 90KG Granite Black Polished:

These solid granite parasol bases on wheels are sturdy and durable accessories used to keep parasols in place. These parasol bases are made of solid granite, which provides stability and a solid base for the parasol. Granite is a natural rock known for its hardness and resistance to wear, making it an excellent material for outdoor use.

Overall, solid granite parasol bases on wheels are a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for outdoor environments where you need flexibility and stability.

The fact that these parasol bases have wheels makes them particularly convenient. The wheels make it easier to move the parasol and base, allowing you to move the shade to different parts of your patio, garden or patio without much effort. This is especially useful if you want to adjust the parasol to changing sun positions during the day.

Additionally, the solid granite provides extra weight, which is important to ensure the parasol stays firmly in place, even in windy conditions. However, the wheels make it easy to move the base, despite the heavy weight of the granite.

When choosing a parasol base on wheels, pay particular attention to the weight of the base to ensure that it provides sufficient stability for the size of your parasol.

These parasol bases are available in both black matt granite and gray burned and in 90KG or 120KG.