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Garden Bench Straight Back 120cm P5 Park Bench 120cm x 92cm x 66cm - Diamond Collection

Diamond Collection
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Width  120
Depth  66 cm
Height  90
Brand  Diamond Collection
Material  Teak
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This teak garden bench with straight back 120cm from Diamond Collection is carefully crafted from high-quality, sustainable teak wood. The natural oils present in the teak wood make this garden bench extremely resistant to different weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. Whether it is sunny, rainy or humid, your teak garden bench will retain its integrity and continue to look beautiful. With a length of 120 cm, the sofa offers enough seating space for two to three people. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable seating experience.

The main advantages of our teak garden benches in the Diamond Collection are their easy-care, durable natural beauty:

Natural beauty:

Teak wood has a warm and rich appearance, with a naturally calm grain pattern that makes every table unique. The wood has a warm honey-like, golden brown color that can gray over time, creating an attractive patina.


Teak wood is an oil-containing wood and is known for its durability. This makes it very suitable for outdoor use and can last for many years. Our furniture is made of sturdy middle-stem wood that has been subjected to a strict selection.

Weather resistance:

Teak wood contains natural oils that help protect against nature's elements. This makes it resistant to rain, sunlight and extreme temperatures, making this wood ideal for processing into outdoor furniture that can be left outside all year round.


In general, teak wood requires little maintenance. Some people prefer the natural graying of the wood, while others want to maintain the original color by regularly applying a UV blocker. See which maintenance and color protective products we offer for this via the links below:


teak shield

teak color protector

teak cleaner


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