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Teak Interior Table Extendable 220 - 320 x 100cm x H78cm Heavy Construction - HP

Diamond Collection
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Width  320
Depth  100 cm
Height  78
Brand  Diamond Collection
Packaging  Box
Material  Teak
colour Color(s) 


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This double extendable teak interior table from Diamond Collection, which can be single extended from 220cm to 270cm and double extendable to 320cm at a width of 100cm, is a practical teak interior table. The ability to extend the table from a closed position of 220cm to a single extended position of 270cm or a double extended position of 320cm offers flexibility in use. This is useful if you need extra space for more guests, conversely the extendable design offers the opportunity to keep the teak table compact when necessary. This increases your daily ease of use according to your desired needs. In the closed position, this rectangular teak table measures 220cm x 100cm, for 6 to 8 people, and in the extended position, the size of the teak extendable interior table is 270cm x 100cm, good for 8 to 10 people, or 320cm x 100cm, good for 10 to 12 people. . The two extendable sides, which each extend the interior table by 50 cm, are mounted on a top extension rail system from the well-known German brand Poetker. This guide is a high-quality and silent metal extension system that runs on ball bearings and, in combination with steel wire, guarantees perfect operation. All this in an elegant and timeless design with traditional elements, elegant lines and refined finishes in A-quality teak wood. Your choice of solid A-quality teak wood in combination with our craftsmanship guarantees a durable and high-quality piece of furniture for many years of maintenance-friendly use. Since teak wood is an oil-containing wood and the wood is processed completely naturally, it requires little maintenance. However, we do recommend the use of our transparent Teakshield 60004 to provide extra protection for the wood and the appearance of your furniture against minor user accidents, stains from food remains and the like. We recommend treating the teak wood at least once a year.

The main advantages of our teak interior tables in the Diamond Collection are their easy-care, durable natural beauty:

Natural beauty:
Teak wood has a warm and rich appearance, with a naturally calm grain pattern that makes every table unique. The wood has a warm honey-like, golden brown color that can gray over time, creating an attractive patina.

Teak wood is an oil-containing wood and is known for its durability. This makes it very suitable for outdoor use and can last for many years. Our furniture is made of sturdy middle-stem wood that has been subjected to a strict selection.

In general, teak wood requires little maintenance. Some people prefer the natural graying of the wood, while others want to maintain the original color by regularly applying a UV blocker. See which maintenance and color protective products we offer for this via the links below:



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Main color Teak